Learn To Speak German

Learn To Speak German

Powerful and interactive tool to learn German language
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People who want to learn the German language and are facing difficulties in finding resources, don’t have to worry now. Learn to Speak German is here to help these anxious people. It is a very powerful tool which has got a vast collection of German words along with their meanings in English. Its database consists of hundreds of common words and thousands of words of basic vocabulary. This software assures that every moment the user spends using the computer, will be optimized to the maximum extent. The software appears in a small screen on the upper side of the screen so that users can do their work while using the software. It has got a rich reservoir of phrases, formal as well as informal words and idioms in its dictionary. It has a friend for you, in the form an animated MS Agent which is there to guide users at every moment. This agent pronounces different words in German along with their meanings in English. Users are free to add, delete and save meanings of different words in German along with their English meanings. It has a very interactive interface which any novice user without much technical knowledge can also use very easily.

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  • Animated MS Agent to guide.
  • Vast dictionary.
  • Allows to save records for future.
  • Extremely interactive


  • MS Agent annoys sometimes by running in background.
  • Limited Trial version
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